Business profile

Comprehensive handling of entrepreneurs

At the moment we are providing the permanent legal service for entrepreneurs acting in different organisational-legal forms. Our business partners receive from us the legal service in the full range, in all areas of law and all aspects necessary in the business activity.

Service of the foreign capital

The law office, during the years of practice, has gained wide experience in handling the foreign capital. We are reliable partners for foreign investors. Among our regular clients you can find such Polish subjects, which are the part of bigger international capital groups and those, which business activity is based on export or import of services and products. We are trying to provide our international clients or their contractors with the best conditions of cooperation. That is why the law office provides a comprehensive legal service in Polish and English.

Legal audits

The law office renders widely understood advisory services in the legal sphere of the economic turnover, taking into consideration the specificity of the given business and the needs and the legal-economic situation of the company. We are analysing the legal risk of the planned projects and investments. We are conducting the legal evaluation, consisting especially of the control of undertaken actions and procedures in the given company and functioning internal legal acts and their agreement with the commonly binding regulations of law. We are showing the risk connected with the existing incompatibilities and procedures leading to the state corresponding to the norms predicted by the regulations of law. We are presenting alternative solutions regarding the given issue, indicating the benefits and threats connected with them.

Negotiations, amicable proceedings

We provide:

  • participation in negotiations on concluding the agreements;
  • mediation in contacts with contractors;
  • participation and representation of the parties in proceedings in front of the mediator, or the proceedings in front of the arbitration court;
  • advising in matters of amicable solving of conflicts

M&A Mergers, division, transformations and accepting business entities

Our clients are offered the comprehensive range of services, concerning the broadly understood issues of merger and taking over (taking over normalized in the Code of Trade Companies, taking over by buying the package of all shares, buying the enterprise or its organized part), including: advising in legal aspects of mergers and takings over - making opinions and legal information, carrying out examinations due diligence, advising in the process of negotiations between the potential parties of the transaction, working out the legal documentation connected with the merger (taking over), working out and giving opinions of intentions letters, agreements concerning negotiations, agreements of preliminary sales, sales agreements, conducting the procedure of merger (taking over), carrying out the finalization of transaction (closing), exercising being responsible for register matters and conducting actions in the Company after the merger or taking over (explanatory proceedings, restructuring activities).