Scope of practice

Corporate law

Within the legal aid from the range of corporate law, our law office:

  • offers the comprehensive aid in establishing and conducting a very fast and effective registration of companies and other legal people in the National Court Register,
  • renders the current service of companies of trade law, including subjects with the share of foreign capital,
  • provides legal service of bodies of companies of the trade law,
  • represents the Clients in proceedings registered in KRS,
  • advises in the range of regulations of the Code of commercial companies,
  • works out projects of agreements, statutes, regulations and other acts regulating the functioning of business subjects and its bodies,
  • exercises the comprehensive legal service of capital transactions, including mergers and acquisitions,
  • provides legal advice in the area of transformations of capital companies of commercial law,
  • represents Clients in disputes between shareholders and participates in negotiations,
  • prepares managerial contracts with members of the business subjects.

Legal service of construction investments

Area of activity of the Law Office in the range of legal service of construction investments includes, among others:

  • legal aid concerning the process of purchasing properties, analysis of the legal state of real estates, including the examination of land registers and perpetual books, preparation of sales agreement and buying real estates,
  • preparation of agreements connected with managing and commercial usage of real estate, drafting lease agreements, tenancy, usage,
  • participation in negotiations, including banks and other financing subjects,
  • representation in front of bodies of government and self-government administration, and also regional administration courts and the Supreme Administration Court
  • legal aid in the range of organizing the construction process, and especially preparation of agreements with construction works;
  • legal assistance to obtain the licences and permits required by law of the bodies of national administration connected with the construction process, including the legal aid in activities regarding the determination of construction conditions, receiving the permit to build, issues regarding planning and spatial developing, process representation in disputes between participants of the construction process (min. investor, general contractor, subcontractors)


Within services of legal aid from the range of vindication of debts, our law office:

  • makes an update and checks the data of the debtor, by obtaining extracts from the register of business activities, National Court Register, and others;
  • undertakes negotiations with the debtor, within the voluntary payment of the debt, which can be finished by creating the legally binding agreement;
  • advises while completing the process documentation - the process documents required by law are made;
  • prepares suits and supervises the further court proceedings and participates in trials;
  • participates in mediation proceedings and if necessary also in the appeal proceedings;
  • after obtaining the enforcement titles supervises the enforcement proceedings (draws enforcement conclusions, files properly prepared documents to the court executive officer's office and constantly monitors the enforcement proceedings in progress and assists the actions of the debt collector);
  • in case of termination of the enforced court executive officer's execution, with the ruling stating its ineffectiveness, it starts and carries out proceedings within the range of transferring the responsibility for the company's debt with the limited liability onto the members of its board and supervises the vindication from the personal assets of members of the company's board.

Case replacement

Within the case replacement, the law office represents the clients in cases:

  • court, civil and economic in all instances, also including the Supreme Court,
  • enforcement and safety,
  • insolvency, including both the liquidation of the debtor's assets and with the possibility of entering into an arrangement with creditors,
  • administration in front of bodies of government and self-government administration and (among others SKO),
  • judicial-administrative in front of the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administration Cour

Law of public orders

Within the legal aid concerning the law of public orders, the law office:

  • prepares legal opinions in the full range of legal aspects of public orders, advises on preparing the offer in proceedings to grant the public order, especially:

- analyzes the contents of the advertisement of the order, specification of crucial conditions of the order and the project of the agreement, 

- gives opinions and prepares questions for specifications of crucial conditions of the order, 

- gives opinions about the legitimacy of summons of the Ordering party to submit documents or explanations,
prepares correspondence with the Ordering party,
gives opinions and prepares appeals, objections, oppositions and complaints,

  • represents in the proceedings in front of the National Board of Appeals and courts.

Labour law and managerial contracts

Within the issue of the labour law, we are rendering the legal aid in the field of:

  • information concerning the employer's obligation to properly regulate the work relation, as well as

its completion,

  • analysis and recommendations of the most favourable forms of employment for the employer,
  • comprehensive advisory services concerning the collective labour law,
  • group and individual dismissals,
  • creation of Work Regulations and Remunerations,
  • advice concerning the time of work and breaks during work,
  • protection of the employer from all claims,
  • advice and information concerning workers' effects of companies' mergers,
  • preparation of managerial contracts,
  • trial replacement.

Bankruptcy law

Within the legal aid from the range of bankruptcy law, the office, among others:

  • prepares motions to announce the bankruptcy,
  • reports claims to the bankrupt's estate,
  • represents the creditors in front of the receiver, court supervisor, administrator and judge-commissar,
  • reports objections from the lists of claims and charges to the plans of division,
  • prepares analyses and legal opinions determining the degree of satisfaction of the creditor in the given bankruptcy proceedings,